We are Roadhog Trailers. A leading manufacturer of the Container Sideloader, heavy duty trailers and truck bodies

Our trademark design is an increasingly common sight on roads. Known for their durability, strength and quality, Roadhog trailers are a popular choice among transporters and logisticts companies.

Roadhog Trailers is a leading innovator in the dynamic trailer manufacturing industry. Our trademark design is an increasingly common sight on roads. Known for their durability, strength and quality, Roadhog trailers are a popular choice among transporters. We are a Registered trailer and body builder. With a growing client base, our manufacturing plant and sales centre has a footprint in excess of 40 000m2

Roadhog Trailers ensures consistent product quality through a comprehensive system that tracks and checks the build quality at each stage of construction. Ongoing monitoring ensures that the entire production process from initial drawings through manufacture to final assembly and finishing, meets and often exceeds client specifications.

The Roadhog Sideloader

The Roadhog Sideloader

The Roadhog container side loader is the most definitive in the side loader industry. Having the greatest lifting capacity in its range, with a reach of 1, 40 metres between the ISO container and the chassis rail of the trailer while lifting the heaviest of containers, even badly situated. The extendable stabilizers give remarkable stability, allowing lifting on soft and uneven ground.

The container side loader can transfer between trailers and double stack any ISO container. The lifting capacity can be limited by the on-board diagnostic and safety system when using the extendable upper arms by decreases laden capacity when the arms are fully extended. The safety system also allows the crane arms to be fully extended before the stabilizers are extended if required.

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Sideloader Advantages

The Roadhog container side loader is the most flexible and practical piece of container handling equipment manufactured in South Africa. Roadhog container side loaders are ideal for transporting ISO containers to anywhere a vehicle can gain access, then unload or load the ISO container to or from the ground or even double stack containers. No other containers handling equipment matches the accuracy and precision of a Roadhog container side loader.

Space is a major problem in today's Transport industry. Double stacking containers the ideal economic solution. The Roadhog container side loader can double stack two 6 metre or one 12 metre ISO or high cube containers from ground level avoiding the expense of specialised equipment.

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The Sideloader Application

The Roadhog container side loader is the most durable and cost effective way of loading and unloading containers. There is no other way of delivering and retrieving containers that matches the accuracy and precision of Roadhog container loading technology. Container transfers can take place anywhere that is safe and convenient. This can be at rail yards, transportation depots, docks and container depots.

Roadhog side loaders can transfer containers to other trailers, trucks and trains, double stacked, or placed on the ground. Turnaround times are drastically reduced as there is no waiting time for other lifting equipment to become available. Trailers are not held up by container deliver dates as the container side loader can transfer containers between trailers or placed in storage. This not only saves the transporter money, it also saves time for importers, manufacturers and distributors who can utilise Online Classifieds in a variety if ways

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Unique Features Of The Roadhog SideLoader

Bow Shackle Load cells

Load Cells & Printer

The Roadhog Loader can be equipped to have an on board weighing system that is designed to directly weigh the container/containers to be loaded, unlike other systems on the market that weigh the container and trailer, thus giving accuracy levels within 250kgs that can be printed with a date time and trailer ID for future reference.

Self Diagnostics & programming Interface

With the increasing need to reduce down time Roadhog has equipped the loader with the Unitronics PLC interface to make fault finding as quick as pressing a button. In the unlikely event of total crane failure Roadhogs software developers have the ability of dialing into the loader and adjust parameters with the aid of a 3/4g interface to investigate and possible repair within minutes of the breakdown. The interface can be used to manipulate loading parameters on a day to day bases which is password protected, thus reducing the crane operators chances of overloading the trailer for use on public roads.

20 ft Container Joiners

Twist lock container joiners are used to connect standard container twist lock lashing points allowing positive horizontal connecting to adjoining 6 metre shipping container allowing for two 6 metre containers to be loaded simultaneously. These connecting container joiners can be used in many applications including standard ISO containers, site offices and tank tanners.

Wireless Controller

The Roadhog Loader is equipped with an Autec wireless joystick controller as standard having been designed for mobile hydraulic applications thus making it highly robust with IP65 rating and a wireless range of 43 metres. A re-changeable battery is included with a life of 18.5 hours between charging. The Data Feedback LCD display, Displays all critical information from fault codes to container weight.

Roadhog Sideloader Productivity Gains.

Minimal Equipment & Operators
The vehicle operator can load and unload containers in a fraction of the time that it would take to arrange specialist lifting equipment. The Roadhog container side loader is self-contained saving the transporter time and money.
ISO Containers can be moved wherever, at any moment by road
This Roadhog container side loader trailer operates without additional support from other lifting equipment at loading and unloading points and is completely self-contained. Providing the transporter with more flexibility and saving time.
Double Stacking ISO Containers
Roadhog container side loader trailers can handle containers in areas where space is either restricted or limited. The container side loader swiftly and safely stacks 6 metre and 12 metre fully laden, standard, hazardous or fragile (IMDG, ADR-RID- US DOT) containers on top of one another.
ISO containers and not the trailer is left at the delivery point.
Without a Roadhog container side loader, a standard trailer is commonly left at the delivery point, losing the transporter money. Whereas a container side loader can be productive 24/7, loading, delivering and unloading containers then going onto the next task. Plus there is only one item of equipment to manage and maintain, reducing the transporters operating costs.
Maximise Container Movements Daily
Containers can be safely transferred to the ground in just minutes, increasing efficiencies and productivity.
Proven Dependability
The ROADHOG Sideloader is tough, reliable and requires limited maintenance. It also handles container movements on any terrain including low cost dry terminal.
Safely Handles Hazardous, Fragile & Valuable Cargo
Differentiated cargo can be loaded and unloaded without disruption to the client’s business. The side loader action allows containers to be safely placed exactly where the client requires it, for ease of access to load and unload as required.
Specialised container handling equipment
Roadhog container side loaders can transport more than just standard ISO containers. They can handle vehicles, industrial equipment, portable buildings and specialised containers e.g. tank tanners carrying flammable liquids, chemical etc.


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